Nancy is Proudly Endorsed by These Community Leaders:

Hillsboro Oregon
Nancy Thomas Board Vice Chair

Nancy is Proudly Endorsed by These Community Leaders:


Mayor Steve Callaway of Hillsboro


Erika Lopez, Chair Hillsboro School Board

Martin Granum, Vice Chair, Hillsboro School Board

Kathryn Harrington, Chair, Washington


County Board of Commissioners


Pam Treece, Vice Chair, Washington County Commissioners


Janeen Sollman, OR State Representative


Lisa Allen, Hillsboro School Board


See Eun Kim, Hillsboro School Board Member\


Anna Woiwor-Bradley, Chair Black


Village Family Advisory Committee


Jon C Pede Ed D, Principal, Hillsboro School District


Christy Walters, Principal Hillsboro School District


Oregon Education Association


Kyle Allen, President, Hillsboro City Council


Sheriff Pat Garrett, Washington County


Washington County Democrats

Let’s Work Together

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