Nancy Thomas Board Vice Chair


We arrived in the Pacific Northwest from Ohio in 2016 and have enjoyed the beauty and the harvest of a land blessed by the native American Indian tribes in this region. I have a wonderful husband/best friend and a 6' tall 15 year old freshman at Liberty High School who likes to look down on me and eat all my food! Both my husband and I are US Marine corp brats. Ooo Rah! We have family in the Midwest and along the East Coast. My husband is a native Chicagoan and is a die hard Cubs fan. I've enjoyed living throughout the United States and internationally in Japan.

 Since law school I've logged long years in corporate legal departments negotiating and managing large commercial transactions and even health care contracts. On election day in 2008 I started a new position for GE Aviation. An experience that changed my life. I learned about engineering of jet engines, I learned about the mindset of engineering, I learned about authentic leadership and I learned that the sky is truly the limit. Once we decided it was time for new adventure, we headed to the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) has been at the core of an exciting professional journey to the Pacific Northwest. In 2017 I took my skills and experience in a new direction to internal auditing. This opportunity exposed me to the world of Child Welfare as my first audit was Child Welfare contracting. During that audit I met many people and I realized that my commercial transaction experience might benefit Child Welfare as well. In 2019 I consulted with Child Welfare in Salem on contract optimization for 9 months then returned to Internal Audit. The audit and the consult provided critical exposure for the next big step. In June of 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic I took the biggest chance of my professional career. I became the Chief Operations Officer for ODHS District 2 - Multnomah County serving a visionary District Manager, Child Welfare and Self Sufficiency programs, and 900+ employees. I thought the position would be 10X harder than anything that I'd ever done. What I found is that it is 100X harder than I ever imagined. It's the ultimate in servant leadership!